Destiny 2 Lightfall Preloading Details: Game Will Be Offline On February 27

by Gregory Henderson

Destiny 2 is one of the most popular first-person shooter games on the market, and fans have been eagerly anticipating the release of the upcoming expansion, Lightfall. Bungie, the developers of the game, have recently released some preloading details for Lightfall, which is set to launch later this year. However, fans will have to wait a little longer to dive into the new content, as the game will be offline on February 27 for maintenance.

The preloading details were announced in a recent blog post on Bungie’s official website. According to the post, players who own Destiny 2 on Steam will be able to preload Lightfall starting on February 22 at 9:00 AM Pacific time. The preload will be available for both the base game and the expansion, so players can get a head start on downloading the new content before its release.

However, it’s worth noting that players will need to have enough space on their hard drive to accommodate the new content. Bungie has not yet released the exact file size for Lightfall, but they recommend that players have at least 95 GB of free space available on their hard drive to ensure a smooth installation process.

While the preloading process is a great way for players to get ready for the launch of Lightfall, they won’t be able to dive into the new content right away. Bungie has announced that the game will be offline on February 27 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM Pacific time for maintenance. This means that players won’t be able to log in and play during this time, so they’ll have to find something else to do while they wait for the game to come back online.

It’s not yet clear what exactly the maintenance will entail, but Bungie has stated that it’s necessary to “prepare the game for the upcoming season and expansion content.” This suggests that the developers are working on some behind-the-scenes updates that will ensure a smooth launch for Lightfall.

So what can players expect from Lightfall once it’s finally released? Bungie has been relatively tight-lipped about the expansion’s content, but they have teased a few details in recent months. In a ViDoc released last year, the developers hinted that the expansion would bring an end to the ongoing storyline that has been unfolding in Destiny 2 since its launch.

The ViDoc also teased some new gameplay features, including the ability to wield the power of darkness, which has traditionally been the domain of the game’s enemies. This could signal a major shift in the game’s mechanics, as players will be able to tap into a new set of abilities and powers.

Of course, there will also be new story missions, strikes, and raids to complete, as well as new gear and weapons to collect. Bungie has a history of delivering high-quality content with their expansions, so fans can likely expect a lot of new content to sink their teeth into.

Overall, the preloading details for Lightfall are a promising sign for Destiny 2 fans who are eagerly awaiting the expansion’s release. While the game will be offline for a brief period on February 27 for maintenance, players will soon be able to dive into a wealth of new content and gameplay features. With Bungie teasing some major changes to the game’s mechanics, it’s clear that Lightfall will be a significant milestone for Destiny 2 and its community of dedicated players.

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