Destiny 2 Reveals More Details About Lightfall Weapon Crafting Changes

by Gregory Henderson

Destiny 2 has long been a fan-favorite game that draws in players from all over the world with its gripping storyline, immersive gameplay, and wide variety of weapons and gear. Now, with the upcoming release of the game’s latest expansion, Lightfall, players can look forward to even more exciting changes and additions. One of the most anticipated changes is the overhaul of the weapon crafting system, which promises to make it more rewarding and intuitive than ever before.

The weapon crafting changes were first hinted at during the reveal of Lightfall at E3 2021, but it wasn’t until a recent blog post from Bungie that we learned more details about how the new system will work. According to the post, the new crafting system will be divided into two main components: gathering and crafting.

Gathering will involve players collecting a variety of materials and resources, which they can then use to craft new weapons and gear. These materials will be scattered throughout the game’s various planets and locations, and players will need to explore and complete specific tasks to gather them.

Crafting, on the other hand, will involve players using the materials they’ve gathered to actually create new weapons and gear. Bungie has stated that crafting will be a much more hands-on process than before, and players will have much more control over the stats and perks of the weapons they create.

One of the most exciting aspects of the new weapon crafting system is the sheer variety of weapons that players will be able to create. Bungie has stated that the new system will allow for a much wider range of weapon archetypes, which means players will be able to craft weapons that truly suit their playstyle.

In addition to the increased variety of weapons, the new crafting system will also introduce a variety of new perks and mods that players can use to customize their weapons even further. These perks will be tied to specific materials and resources, which means that players will need to actively seek out these resources if they want to create the most powerful and effective weapons.

Perhaps one of the most important changes that the new weapon crafting system will bring is a greater sense of player agency. In the current version of the game, players can only acquire weapons through random drops or specific quests, which means that getting the perfect weapon can often feel like a matter of luck. With the new crafting system, however, players will have much more control over the weapons they create, which means that they’ll be able to fine-tune their gear to suit their specific needs and playstyle.

Of course, there are some potential downsides to the new system as well. For one thing, it’s possible that the gathering and crafting requirements could become overly complex or grindy, which could turn off some players. Additionally, it’s possible that the increased customization options could lead to imbalances in the game’s PvP modes, as some players may be able to create weapons that are significantly more powerful than others.

Despite these potential downsides, however, the new weapon crafting system looks to be a major step forward for Destiny 2. By giving players greater control over their gear and introducing a wider variety of weapons and perks, the game will become even more immersive and rewarding than before. We’re looking forward to seeing how the new system plays out when Lightfall is released later this year.

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